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INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS – Give us your challenge, and let us surprise you with our ingenuity.

Established in 1984 as a full-service marketing, advertising and public relations agency, Robinson & Associates strives to provide the creative quality and service of large agencies with the efficiency, cost-sensitivity and low overhead of a small agency.

Successful branding is attained by understanding and integrating the brand throughout your company and with the public.

Successful marketing and advertising plans require knowledge, experience, planning and understanding – it’s all about developing a relationship.

Creating an effective image campaign requires imagination, creativity, listening and understanding – we provide solutions by developing relationships.

Developing creative concepts require effort and exploration. We encourage group participation and employ techniques such as mind-mapping to generate effective, out-of-the box creative solutions.

Effective public relations bridges the communication gap and enhances your brand perception.

Accurate marketing analysis and research are achieved by constant monitoring and attention to detail to track trends and produce effective forecasting.

Insight, detailed analysis and quality relationships with media outlets ensure effective media buying, planning and research.

Successful copywriting has the power to strategically deliver words that shape someone’s beliefs about you and your business.

Effective web design and development starts with planning, determining keywords and optimization so that your site is highly ranked when potential customers search for your goods or services. A great web design reflects your company’s voice and enhances the brand. Regular maintenance of your website keeps your position in organic search rising and gives visitors more incentive to return to your site.

Effective outdoor advertising instantly captures attention with bold graphics and a precise, easily read message.

Great logo design is created through listening and working hand-in-hand with you to develop solutions that capture the essence of who you are and establish brand recognition.

Successful television and radio commercials capture the eyes and ears of your customers.

Successful event planning requires imagination, creativity, attention to detail and the ability to provide solutions that are memorable, on time and in budget. We provide insight and experience with proven vendors that assure a successful event regardless of its size.

Producing specialty and promotional advertising items requires creativity, planning and attention to detail.

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