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Why use a marketing firm?

Why do companies hire marketing firms? There are many reasons. Some companies hire a marketing firm because they don’t have a marketing department for themselves and need assistance in this area of their business. Some companies don’t need a full-time marketing person and appreciate the depth they get when they employ a marketing firm that […]

You hear what you listen for

One winter evening, two men left work in a busy city and joined the mob of people headed to the subway during rush hour. As they walked toward the station, one man stopped the other and said, “Do you hear that? It’s a bird singing.” “That’s impossible,” replied the co-worker. “It’s winter in the city. […]

It is no secret that success comes from partnerships

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft, once said, “Our success has really been based on partnerships from the very beginning.” I look at how successful Northeast Mississippi has been in recruiting businesses and what makes us stand out against other areas in the state and  around the country, and the answer is “partnership.” Synergism is […]

Marketing for a Boy Scout with a letter of recommendation

As a Boy Scout leader, I am asked on occasion by a Scout to write a letter of recommendation for him. My usual answer is “Yes, but I need to ask a few questions so that I can write it.” When I agree, I normally know the subject – the Scout. I’ve worked with him […]

Tools to check your resources

I was listening to a recent marketing podcast that referenced the Encyclopedia Britannica. I haven’t thought about a traditional encyclopedia in a long time. My parents still have the World Book set that I used in high school. With easy access to the Internet, finding information is usually a few keystrokes or finger taps away, so […]

What is your vision?

Vision is necessary for any endeavor. Planning requires vision. “Where do you see yourself in X years?” That takes vision. We participated in October as thousands of eighth-graders came through the BancorpSouth Arena and Conference Center for “Imagine the Possibilities.” I’m sure at least one student was asked, “What do you want to be when […]

A Fresh Perspective

There is a joke about a Cub Scout being asked what three things he would need if he had to survive in a desert. The boy responded that he’d want a canteen full of water, a compass and a deck of cards. When asked the importance of the cards, he responded, “As soon as I […]

Do business with those who do business with you

My grandfather gave my father a great piece of advice: “Do business with those who do business with you.” So when the time came that we knew our business needed to move, we turned to a client for help. We have been working with Tommy Morgan for many years. We know Tommy, and Tommy knows […]

Well, it’s about time.

It’s about time. When I set a meeting with a client or a prospect, I do my best to make sure that I am early for the appointment. Starting on time is me putting my better foot forward. It shows that I care about my client’s time. It makes for a good start to the […]

Where do ideas come from?

“Where do you get your ideas? How do you come up with ads?” The best creative comes from a relationship with the client. This starts with research. I have to know as much about the client’s business as possible. Just to come up with an idea isn’t very difficult. Making sure the idea fits the […]

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