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Life lessons I learned in school

The things that I learned in school I can use in applying for a job or meeting a new customer. When the Furniture Academy was launched last year, the purpose of the academy was not to train candidates how to build furniture. The furniture manufacturing members of the academy teach their skills differently. The focus […]

It’s all in the family

Google is my preferred search engine when I’m looking up information on the Internet. I like that I can type a question into the search bar. With this article’s focus on family businesses, I asked Google, “What percentage of businesses are family owned?” I was very surprised at the answer which came from an Inc. magazine […]

It’s the “Season of Giving”

We’re in the window between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It’s the “Season of Giving.” Why? Because it is marketed that way. It’s promoted by commercials, TV shows, holiday movies and more. When I take a step back and look at the year, giving happens year-round. I often see Mississippi either ranked first or within the top […]

The paradox of advertising

The paradox of advertising that we’ve all heard is this: “I cannot afford to advertise, but I cannot afford not to advertise.” The answer to this is that it’s not about advertising, it’s about marketing. More specifically, it’s about marketing planning. Advertising doesn’t have to be expensive. And, the correlation that the more is spent […]

Be an influencer for marketing

At a Boy Scout event a few years ago, I was asked by a friend, “How are things at the Journal?” I know I had a puzzled look on my face because at that time I was not writing a monthly article. I answered, “OK, but I don’t work for the Journal.” He then asked […]

Have a plan, be flexible

As the focus for this month’s business journal is college prep and career planning, I am reminded of my English teacher for my senior year at Tupelo High School, Dr. Marilyn Monroe. In addition to the many books and plays we read and essays we wrote, Dr. Monroe asked us to write a letter to […]

Marketing for nonprofit and for-profit businesses is similar

Marketing for a nonprofit organization and for a for-profit business shares a lot of similarities. I think that is a difficult concept because on occasion I am asked how different it is for me to market for one versus the other. Looking at the promotional side of marketing, there are two subcategories that are very […]

Businesses need health checkups too

Health can be reported in different ways because it can be viewed in different ways. The educational health of a student is told with progress reports and report cards. The health of an employee is reported in a performance review. Regardless of the method used to measure health, a simple word – checkup – can […]

The tools of technology are here sooner rather than later

In January of 2016, I attended a conference hosted by the Agency Management Institute to learn about advancements in technology in the realm of advertising and public relations.  I was also given a brief overview of what we’d be seeing “sooner rather than later.” While I am usually skeptical about that phrase, it turned out […]

Tips and tricks are really experience

I recently sent an email message that included a list of items with a corresponding list of costs. I received a call from the recipient who asked, “How did you do that? How did you keep the pricing aligned on the right? It was the same on my computer as it was on my iPhone […]

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